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Introducing the new PeliCan Vac™

What is the PeliCan Vac™?

Designed and developed by Roy Gripske & Sons, the PeliCan Vac™
is an attachment which transforms a conventional hand held leaf blower, into a high performance, heavy duty outdoor vacuum.

What does it do?

Powered by any 1.0 HP light weight engine or electric motor, the PeliCan Vac™ safely lifts and collects a wide range of materials including bottles and cans.

Heavy and large debris items collected by the PeliCan Vac™, are securely held in a durable 36 litre capacity moulded “catcher”

PeliCan Vac in Action

for disposal or recycling.

Smaller and lighter materials, such as leaves, grass clippings and paper are collected in the small fabric bag.

Ergonomically Designed

The patented “Quick Couple™” feature, enables conversion between blower and vacuum operations almost instantaneously.

The PeliCan Vac™ is self standing and allows effortless quick release, removal and re-connection of the catcher.

The PeliCan Vac™ is a flexible and versatile tool for use in commercial and other cleaning operations, where access by larger equipment is limited.


See for yourself

See the PeliCan Vac™ in action at the Demonstration area 6367 – D at the Green Industry Equipment Expo (GIEE) in Lousiville Kentucky on the 25-27th October 2007. Or see our video.
Enquiries and requests for further information can be directed to the Roy Gripske and Sons display at GIEE BOOTH 10082, or Contact Us